Level 1: Prevents Task Completion

The issues classified at this level were the most critical ones. Normally the users can’t correct them by themselves or even know it is incorrect.

Tasks Issues
2. Summary screen perception
Does the participants realize what happened with the interface? What happened there?
-The blocks on summary screen should be clickable; [a]
-The battery is showed as it is 100% even it is not;
-Tooltips on mouseover;
-Don't know the main purpose/action on each page. [b]
3. Plan a mission
Create a mission plan
-Waypoints don't follow a logical sequence;
-The numbers on boxes doesn't match with waypoints on the map;
-It is hard to find current location on plan tab; [c]
-Not easy to add waypoints on map, don’t know where to start; [d]
-The button “Move map to home” position induces the user’s error; [e]
-The menu to edit the waypoints doesn’t look clickable;
-Users aren’t familiar with terms like ‘return home’, land, take off, etc., what cause frustration at the time to create a mission;
-It is not clear how to send the mission to the vehicle. [f]
4. Calibrate the compass -Don't know how to start the calibration;
-Don't know how to move to next steps. [g]
5. Run the mission -The message box is over the arm button on fly tab;
-Arm button should be close to flight modes;
-No information about time out to arm or take off;
-Not clear it's necessary to change the flight mode to start the mission.

[a] “I have no idea where to click.” (participant quote)

[b] “The screen seems to be organized, but it does not say anything. What do I do with this information?” (participant quote)

[b] “What do I do with this?” (participant quote)

[c] “I’d like to have a search just like Google Maps.” (participant quote)

[d] “Let’s try clicking on everything.” (participant quote)

[e] “You know how it is: you see then click.” (participant quote)

[f] “I have the impression that if I send [the mission] to the drone, it will fly away.” (participant quote)

[g] “I’m understanding anything.” (participant quote)

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