Level 4: Subtle and possible enhancements/suggestions

Usability tests are also good opportunities to find small improvements on functionalities or even new ones.

Tasks Issues
2. Observe what happens -Explicit frametype on summary screen;
-Display units on summary screen;
-Add a Welcome screen;
-Refresh button on summary screen to guarantee the parameters displayed are the most up to date.
3. Plan a mission -Shortcuts;
-Select multiple waypoints to delete, to move;
-Scale to know the distance between points;
-Replicate values to all waypoints;
-Show distances between waypoints;
-Include scale on map;
-Simulate mission before to fly on real world;
-Show topograph on map;
-Indicate how much battery will be necessary to complete the mission.
4. Calibrate the compass. -Voice/sound guidance during compass calibration;
6. Monitor mission -Sample time has a delay;
-Display timeout on waypoints where drone holds.
General perception* -Review header restructure;
-Glossary: show basic description on mouseover and more information in a glossary screen;
-Change to outdoor mode automatically or suggest it.
Setup* -Improve RC Setup;
-Review ‘add offline map’ flow;
-Show a range of correct values to compare with the current setup (like on health charts).

*’General perception’ are suggestions from the design team accordingly to user observation during the test.

*’Setup’ are suggestions according to design team usage during test preparation.

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